Credit card

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Product Overview


A small plastic card given by banks to individuals, is a loan accorded to them, as per their individual means, for a shorter period of time. These cards can be used for purchases and payments. There are lot of banks in India, offering special advantages to users and also personalized credit cards, as per their needs and means of usage.


  • The credit card eliminates the need for liquid cash

  • Protection for physical money

  • Convenience of operation and handling.

  • This card can be used in lieu of cash at retail outlets.

  • There are few specialized cards which offer the following features:

  • Reward cards: This card earns reward points on specific limits spent by the customer. These reward points can be redeemed for gifts, products and services on the bank's website or partnered third party vendors.

  • Interest free credit card: This card does not carry any interest on the spends. Only the principal repayment is to be made.

  • Discount offers: This card offers discounts on certain specific partnered outlets which banks have partnered with, and offers discounts if the customer shops with that particular outlet

  • Cash back Cards: This card offers cash-back of a certain amount in proportion to the amount spent on the card. The cash-back amount is credited back to the card, which is usually adjusted against the dues in the card

  • Apart from these we also have co-branded cards, fuel cards, entertainment cards, travel cards, lifestyle cards etc. which has its own features.

  • The interest rates on credit cards vary between 36% - 42% p.a. The interest rate is decided based on the credit history and financial stability

  • The credit cards are tied up with Visa, Mastercard and AMEX platforms to process credit payments

  • Any person above the age of 21 years and who has a steady income flow is eligible to apply for a credit card

  • Penal interests are applicable on delay in payment of the credit card dues. Hence, we need to be prompt in payment of dues on the due date.

  • Add-on cards can be availed by the family members of the primary card holder. The credit limit of the original card would be extended to this card also. However, there is an extra charge of upto Rs.1000/- charged by the banks

  • Cash withdrawals are also possible on these cards, subject to the maximum cash limit specified by the bank

  • KYC Documents :Proof of Identity, Address proof and photograph

  • Proof of residence – Passport/Utility bill (not more than 3 months)/ Leave and license agreement.

  • Income proof – audited financials for the last 2 years

  • Office Address proof

  • Proof of continuity of business.

  • Proof of office ownership

  • And Duly filled-in Bank Application form